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vencer corporation is a lifestyle, grassroots marketing boutique agency. (whoa, that can be a mouthful).  we use the word ‘boutique’ because we are small and personal, much like a clothing boutique, as opposed to a large, oversized retailer where attention is begged for.  the name says it all, vencer.  derived from the Brazilian word, translation: to triumph

while our roster of clients illustrates a wide range of industries worked with over the years, vencer provides to each individual client the same hands-on personal attention that has set us apart from our inception in 1997.  our expertise and success hinges on strong brand: buzz, longevity and management which has allowed us to build a solid client list that represents top names in their respective fields.

our beliefs stay grounded in that marketing is constantly evolving and companies should not have to conform. contrarily, we create a vision that can be adopted along the way.  many companies jumped head first into the social media hype, but if not engaging the consumer one easily gets lost in the shuffle.  what may be relevant “now” may lose significance in :30 seconds and instead of talking with your audience you’re talking at them.  so, our logic is to build long-term brand presence resulting in stronger consumer loyalty.

vencer quickly became one of the most noted grassroots (or guerilla) marketing firms based in miami, florida, by promoting album releases for major record labels in the early stages (pre-twitter, facebook and so on).  this meant, we really had our teams hitting the ground, and running, sweating doing whatever it took to be number one.  after deciding to expand beyond the music industry and retaining a wide variety of clients, our focus shifted to applying the same techniques for: brand management /development, brand loyalty and unique marketing programs.  since then, we have made a profound impression encompassed by a catalog of clients and special projects, showcasing our diverse strengths and influence.  

through working with distinguished, high-profile clients on both an ongoing and special-project basis, we have generated a strong reputation as a small company that can deliver strong impact, with an important tool – always being able to think as the consumer.  in comparison, we are not interested in the quick “minutes of fame” or press opps that will be soon forgotten. 

we have mastered and successfully driven our clients to stand out – whether an individual, a special event, a product launch – all have risen to the top, more importantly, that impression has lasted.  you must allow your brand to speak the way, guiding its path, with a driving force behind it.  we are that force.  consumers are more savvy than ever.  we maintain a limitless view,  without boundaries, avoiding rigid strategy plans that allow no room for creativity and evolvement.

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